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We're Here Because...

We firmly believe that every new mother deserves to feel empowered, nurtured, and connected.

Our mission is to equip you with the necessary tools and unwavering support to conquer the trials of the newborn phase and thrive throughout the fourth trimester and beyond.

Join our 4-week (Prenatal) or 6-week(Postpartum) program tailored to your baby's birth month, offering a comprehensive blend of support, education, and a tight-knit community to guide you through the transformative fourth trimester and beyond.

Empower Your Journey as a New Mom

Our life-changing classes, organized by your baby's birth month, provide essential knowledge and support from expert professionals.

Join a community of moms experiencing the same phase of motherhood, forming lifelong friendships and receiving up-to-date information.

Our judgment-free classes become your lifeline, regardless of your parenting style.

Prepare for the unexpected with the tools, techniques, and a supportive village by your side.

Why attend a Mom-Mester?

Secure Your Spot Before Birth

Register during pregnancy and reserve your spot in our Prenatal and/or Postpartum program, ensuring a place alongside fellow new mothers whose babies are due in the same month. * You can register at any time, however, we recommend you pre-register before birth as our Mom-Mester's fill up! 

Connect with Your Village

Come together at our Mt.Pleasant office (don't worry; it's not your typical office!) to meet your Lead Nurse Facilitator (who will be your "constant" each week), the expert instructors, and forge bonds with other moms who are going through the same incredible phase of motherhood as you.

Studies indicate that up to 20% of new mothers encounter perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, yet a staggering 70% of women choose to conceal or minimize their symptoms.


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We offer a 4 Week-Prenatal Semester and 6-week Postpartum Semester


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Empower your Journey

Find your community of moms experiencing the same phase of motherhood, forming lifelong friendships and receiving up-to-date information.

Let the journey begin

We're here for it

Feel validated, understood, and supported.

Upcoming classes

The Moms Hour

Hosted by: 
Baby Settler, Rome PT, and Postpartum Support Charleston

Prenatal Mom-Mester 2024

4 Week Semester
Hosted by: 
Her Hive Society

Postpartum Mom-Mester 2024

6 Week Semester
Hosted by: 
Her Hive Society

Why we started her hive society

We understand what it’s like to be thrown into motherhood. All of the beauty and the beasts that come with it! That’s why we are passionate about bringing the best women’s health providers to our community of mamas.